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We鈥檙e on a mission 鈥 are you?

At Chugach, our employees serve different customers. Different industries. Different locations. But we are united under a common vision. Together, we鈥檙e improving the lives of the Alaska Native Community every single day 鈥 and we鈥檙e having fun doing it. If you're a passionate, results-driven person looking to make a difference, consider why Chugach may be right for you.

Why Work
At Chugach?

Are you ready to make a difference? Explore what it's like to work for the Chugach family of companies.


Life at Chugach centers around our culture. Our mission connects and inspires us. Our behaviors build trusted relationships. And the experiences we deliver to customers all define us.


Your career path is driven by what you鈥檙e passionate about and where you want to make an impact. We鈥檒l help you get there.


Our companies offer a wide range of benefits to support the people who make all that we do possible.


Empowering Our People

Established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Chugach strives to empower and advance shareholders. Because of this unique mission, we extend meaningful career opportunities to the ANCSA shareholder community through Chugach companies. We grant an employment preference first to Chugach shareholders, their descendants and spouses; and second, to shareholders of other Alaska Native Corporations, who meet the qualifications of the position.

Faces of Chugach

I have worked for Chugach for 15 years now. I can honestly say in my entire working career of 40+ years I have never worked for a better company. Chugach promotes a positive, safe, productive and motivational work environment. They give back to their employees, just like family!

Lynn Thompson

Compliance Coordinator
Chugach Government Solutions

I love our customers. Supporting the DOD, the intelligence community, and other Government customers brings great meaning to my life as a U.S. Citizen contributing to this country鈥檚 success.

Bill Byrum

Project Manager
Chugach Government Solutions

I choose to work for the Chugach family of companies because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth. We all support each other and work together to make our ideas a reality.

Paul MacDonald

General Manager
Chugach Alaska Services

As an Alaska Native shareholder and descendant, working at Chugach on initiatives that perpetuate our mission and engaging with shareholders is very meaningful to me. I appreciate that in addition to the core behavior of building community, Chugach also feels like an extension of family.

Lindsy Swing

Project Support Manager